Bartec Coupler 


We have also introduced the BARTEC parallel threaded mechanical splicing system designed for the
connection of concrete reinforcing bars of diameters 12mm to 40mm. By design, BARTEC guarantees a “bar
break” performance under tensile load and is fully compliant with BS 8110:85 or ACI 318 requirements. We
list below some of the benefits of BARTEC system:
Full Tension and Compression Splice
Manual assembly, No torque wrench required.
Visual Quality Control
Eliminates starter bars and drilling in reusable shutters
Speeds up construction time leading to saving in overheads and labour.
As of today, more than 12 million BARTEC couplers have been successfully used in approximately 1,000
projects all over the world, including Sultanate of Oman. A brochure is enclosed that outlines the applications
of this system.