About US 


Yousuf Steel LLC [The Member of Muttrah Insofoam SAOC Group is one of the leading building material manufacture and service provider for the building industry for more than 25 years in Sultanate of Oman.


It is proposed to use the centralised steel reinforcement production facility of Yousuf steel to produce the prefabricated rebar. This is located in the Wadikabir Area where a new purpose built factory is now in operation.

The factory carries out the following tasks to meet the requirements of our various customers:-



1 Analyse contract / workshop drawings and produce Bar Bending Schedule
2 Procure stock reinforcement (generally in 12 metre lengths) to meet the estimated requirement of the project with respect to both quantity and quality
3 Cut material to the required length and bend according to the required shape
4 Deliver to site according to the project’s programme requirements with identification tags.
5 Supply of BARTEC Mechanical Reinforcement Couplers and bar threading for use in Raft Foundation, Columns, Beams, core-walls etc.
6 Advanced coordination with other trades.
7 Excellent documentation for project meetings.